Listed below are answers to F.A.Q’s. from travelers to Cape Town. We will be glad to answer any others you may have.

“Your Unique Africa Experience”

Airport Transfers

There are metered taxi’s and busses to the city. On request we can arrange to transfer you to your accommodation.


Cape Town is regarded as a safe holiday destination. Use reputable tour companies & transport. Don’t flash cash & valuables. Behave as you would in any big city as regards vigilance & safety.


the tap water is safe to drink.


Summer (October to March) hot days, maybe windy, cool evenings
Winter (April to September) Mild to cool days, expect some rain, can get very cold


Although we have 11 official languages English is widely spoken & used


It is advisable to have adequate medical and travel insurance

How to Book?

Mail us your dates, number of people and preferred tours. We will prepare a full itinerary and quote for your acceptance

Can we design our own tours?

Yes let us know what they are and we will quote & arrange them


All major credit cards are accepted in Cape Town. Drawing cash can be done at an ATM or the bank. Be vigilant when drawing cash.